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Raising Expectations educates, engages and empowers our youth with a unique mentoring and tutoring
program designed to bring out the very best the have to offer academically, socially and culturally.

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Raising Expectations Programs


Our CSL projects encourage youth to become active participants in their communities. Mentors assist RE youth with the development and implementation of service projects with a follow up component that allows participants to share what they have learned with fellow participants, staff and mentors. We work closely with neighborhood organizations to align our efforts with their public safety and youth goals.


Designed to expose our youth to new and unfamiliar experiences beyond their own neighborhoods, the Social Discovery program component supports the development of a broader perspective about the opportunities that exist in life. Projects within this program have exposed our children to the arts, sports and career-related environments and have included trips to a diversity of destinations including Destin, FL, the Alliance Theatre, NASA Space & Rocket Center, the Georgia Aquarium and many local festivals.

Rasing Expectations Signature Events


Out of town weekend event offered to youth that have earned the opportunity to attend through their hard work, academic accomplishments and/or behavioral improvements as measured by their performance logs and grade reports. Youth participate in life skills workshops led by their mentors and are challenged with activities they have never experienced before such as horseback riding, spelunking, sailing, going to the beach, seeing dolphins, hiking in the mountains and much more.


Every year, Raising Expectations participates in this important national campaign that first began in 1984 to encourage neighborhood camaraderie to fight for safer streets. RE volunteers and staff work to coordinate and organize this event that offers free school supplies and safety information to children and residents of Atlanta’s neighborhoods.


An intensive spoken word and activism unit which teaches youth how to use critical thought to dissect and understand social ills and how to use the power of words through poetry to bring attention to particular matters of interest.


A popular local event staged by the Vine City Health & Housing Ministry and Capacity Builders, the Fall Festival gives kids a chance to safely celebrate Halloween with a variety of games and activities including costume contests, a basketball skills challenge and trick or treating while interacting with community members and police officers.


This program works with youth and residents to develop a video history of their neighborhood using information available within the “walls” of the community, oral histories as told by community elders as well as historical archival data collections housed at the Auburn Avenue Library.


Program designed to increase the level of participation in out of school time activities by a larger percentage of youth that attend schools and reside within boundaries of the communities that RE serves.


A collaborative event with our partners at the Vine City Health & Housing Ministry and Capacity Builders, Westside Jump Out Santa Gift Giving offers our volunteers the opportunity to dress up in holiday attire a week before Christmas, pick up gifts from Toys for Tots and actually deliver them throughout the Westside neighborhoods of Atlanta as we play holiday music!