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Raising Expectations educates, engages and empowers our youth with a unique mentoring and tutoring
program designed to bring out the very best the have to offer academically, socially and culturally.

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Raising Expectations’ (RE) program model is rooted in the organizational mandates and values referenced in our philosophy. We believe that children will either live up to or down to the expectations we set for them and therefore set the bar high from the onset. We know this is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Our model and approach to serving young people begins and ends with that in mind.

We have high expectations of our students and surround them with caring, positive role models that constantly reinforce that standard. We know that regular attendance in a high quality youth program supports positive outcomes and those that continue to participate year after year realize tremendous gains academically and socially. To this end, RE students are expected to attend 5 days per week without fail and remain enrolled throughout the school year. Additionally, we also know that by exposing them to experiences that broaden their life lens and regularly engaging them in enrichment activities, they can develop skills and interests that stay with them throughout their lives. Therefore, 2 days per week our students participate in enrichment activities and once per month they participate in fieldtrips. The types of enrichment sessions change every eight weeks and are designed to encourage new learning and personal development.

The Academic Tutorial Academy is the focal program component for Project D.R.E.A.M. (Developing Raised Expectations for Adolescent Minds). Most of our efforts are spent developing our students academically because we believe that in life, obtaining an education and learning opens many doors of opportunity. Raising Expectations staff meets with school administrators at the beginning of each school year to determine which core academic subjects to focus on. Ongoing communication throughout the school year with parents and teachers is critically important as it ensures that the efforts contributed during the Academic Tutorial Academy complements the efforts made at home and during the school day. Students are regularly assessed and data is used to drive the instructional process. Studies show that consistent assessment as well as data driven decision-making increases a child's academic achievement.

Students are individually assessed and participate in one hour of computer-based individualized lessons with Plato Learning. Assessment results are converted into individual learning plans that help bridge the skill gaps. Volunteers and staff work with students to ensure that these gaps in learning are closed in preparation for students’ annual standardized exams. Through low student-mentor ratios as well as individualized computer based instruction, our students' achievement has increased each year.

Ever wonder what a day in the life of an RE student is like? Download our PDF below and immerse yourself in the RE experience our children and youth enjoy every week. And for more information on studies supporting our program model, we encourage you to download our “Research-Based Approach” document also available as a PDF below.

A Day in the Life.Research Findings

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